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Public & Media Relations

The Marketing  Department handles all public relations and media interaction for the University.  Our primary areas of focus include serving as the primary interface with media outlets on all communications issues; coordinating news releases, media alerts, branding and copyright uses; and promoting awareness of Thomas University through development of all institutional publications and internet activity on behalf of the University.

Please visit the TU News section, which contains all news releases distributed by Thomas University. For specific inquiries regarding public relations or media relations, including securing subject matter experts, please contact:

Public and Media Relations
Danielle Nelson, Public Relations Specialist
Thomas University
1501 Millpond Road
Thomasville, GA 31792
Office: 229.226.1621 Ext. 1109

+Branding and Copyright Information

Many emblems identify Thomas University including, but not limited to, its name, the University logo and the University athletic team symbols. All Thomas University’s symbols, brand name, graphics and logos are trademarks, wordmarks and/or service marks of the University, certain ones registered in the State, with the Federal registry, Customs and Internationally. The University therefore has certain legal rights regarding their use.

University Name
The name “Thomas University” is to appear on all official documents of the University. Those include stationery, envelopes, business cards, identification cards, business forms, legal contracts, and any other media used in an official university capacity. Abbreviations or contractions of the name such as “TU” or “Thomas U” are not acceptable substitutes for use on official documents, but may be used as appropriate on other documents, subject to the approval of the Director of Marketing.

Approval for Use of University Name or Symbols
Where permission is necessary, the use of any registered University symbol or logo shall be by written agreement between the University and the user. Any individual, group or organization desiring to use registered university symbols or logos for commercial or non-commercial purposes should contact the Director of Marketing & Communications, who will determine the appropriateness of such use and the execution of any necessary written agreement extending permission for use. All requests received by other university offices for permission to use the University’s name, symbols or logos should be referred to the Director of Marketing.

The following policy governs the use of copyrighted Thomas University logos, images and graphics.

  • Use of Thomas University’s name and trademarks by organizations that are not official University departments or recognized student organizations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Individuals and/or businesses may not use University trademarked and/or registered logos, images and/or brand name on a website, social media platforms, publications, merchandise or apparel without written permission from the Director of Marketing & Communications.  If approved, the Director of Marketing & Communications will provide a disclaimer that is to be used on the website and/or social media platform as well as any trademarked/copyrighted University graphic elements.
  • Use of trademarked/copyrighted University graphic elements, including logos and seals, on unofficial and outside web sites is prohibited except when done in the development of University-related functions where the use of such may be an appropriate feature, such as development of a class project.  ONLY official trademarked graphic elements may be used and will be provided by the Director of Marketing & Communications upon the approval of a submitted request.
  • Web sites, excluding course materials distributed by instructors, representing an individual or expressing personal opinions are the sole responsibility of the author and must include the following disclaimer:
    “The views and opinions expressed in this site are strictly those of the site author and in no way represent those of Thomas University or the Board of Trustees.”
    Outside web pages, including social media pages, must be approved and should exhibit the standard disclaimer of official status, the name and e-mail address of its creator. (This information must be submitted to the Director of Marketing & Communications for approval and monitoring).
  • Copyrights of Thomas University include all text and photographs appearing on the site or subsequent official web sites and include all works that are entitled to copyright protection under U.S. law. The site is considered an official publication and communication tool of Thomas University. Its contents MAY NOT be reproduced without written permission from the Director of Marketing & Communications.
  • Trademarks are any marks, symbols, logos, nicknames, letters, words or derivatives that can be associated with the University and can be distinguished from those of other institutions or entities. The University’s identifying trademarks may not be used without permission of the University, except on official web sites.
  • Members of the Thomas University community should be considerate of the expectations and sensitivities of others on the network when posting. Outside websites and social networking sites must reflect the university’s Diversity Statement and policies regarding harassment and nondiscrimination.

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