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Gifts of cash (which include donations made via check, credit card and payroll deduction) are often the simplest to make. Thomas 大学 will provide a gift receipt via mail, when a mailing address is provided.

To give online, select an amount or “OTHER” below.


公共ly traded stock and other securities that are held for more than one year may have accumulated long-term capital gains and could make one of the best charitable gifts.  为什么? Because you may be able to deduct the current fair market value and avoid capital gains tax that you may be required to pay if you were to sell the property outright.

However, you may not want to donate stock that is worth less than your basis.  而不是, you could sell the stock outright so that you might be able to deduct the loss and then donate the cash proceeds to Thomas 大学.


Donors may make a donation such as a vehicle, collectibles or services as an in-kind contribution that may be beneficial to the 大学.  Please contact the advancement office at 229.227.6903 or regarding this gift opportunity.


Many contribution vehicles are available such as Wills, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, 等. Find out more about planned giving by clicking below.

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